How Often Do You Have to Replace a Hearing Aid?

Hearing aids are an incredibly effective yet complicated technology to support and boost your hearing ability. Inside you’ll find advanced microelectronics from wireless radios to computer processors. Much like an older computer, you’ll likely run into a few needed repairs from regular day-to-day usage over the years.

Which begs the question: How often do you have to replace a hearing aid?

Each case of replacing your hearing aids will depend on a few factors we’ll walk through below. But the general rule of thumb is to consult your hearing healthcare provider about new hearing aids every three to five years.

How do I know it’s time to seek out a replacement set of hearing aids?

An easy way to self-test if your hearing aids are addressing all your hearing needs is to document how you’re experiencing different listening situations. This list is a good place to start with common life experiences where your hearing aids can be put to the test:

Listening to music at varying volume levels
Watching your favorite TV program
Stepping outside and listening to the environment
Talking to a loved one on the phone
In group conversation with friends and family
Rate your satisfaction levels across each of these and think about how important it is to you. If you’re experiencing less than satisfactory levels of hearing through your hearing aids, it could be a tell-sign to contact us for a hearing aid evaluation.

Ways that hearing aids lose their ability to perform optimally

If you’re wearing hearing aids, it’s likely an everyday occurrence. This means those hearing aids are being constantly exposed to varying environmental factors. There’s exposure to body oils, perspiration, ear wax, hair products, skin products, rain or snow, humidity, dust pollen, and more.

These trying elements are only further exacerbated by hearing aids being dropped, taking a tumble around a bag or purse, daily twisting and pulling. Needless to say, there will always be an eventual need to completely replace your hearing aids.

There are also less obvious reasons to replace your hearing aids every few years. Advancing technology. Every year there are new hearing aid products and accessories available that have the latest technology to make hearing aids better each time. Some hearing aids are even capable of connecting to your smartphone for further personalization.

Another would be if you haven’t gone in for your yearly hearing evaluation and consultation. Lifestyle changes can be a great time to reconsider what hearing aids you are using. Maybe you’ve taken up a more active lifestyle going out on regular runs or hikes. This would mean you’re likely to benefit from a more rugged pair of hearing aids that can better withstand these newer environments you’re adventuring on.

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