About Us

Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center was a natural evolution of the Sierra Nevada Ear, Nose & Throat (SNENT) practice founded by Dr. Paul Manoukian in 1995. While the practice has always had an audiologist on its team, as it grew, and more and more patients required hearing aids and audiology services, it made sense to open an independent practice dedicated to those services.

The Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center (SNHAC) was established in 2007 with Dr. Heather Dean at the helm, serving patients with hearing challenges. Today, residents of Carson City, Fallon and Gardnerville can take advantage of the expertise of our seasoned audiologist and leading-edge audiology equipment.

We have created a welcoming environment where customers can get their hearing evaluated and hearing issues addressed in a timely manner. Our high quality hearing services include hearing evaluation, hearing aid purchase, fittings, repairs and training in how to properly use a hearing aid. Specially designed sound booths with precisely calibrated equipment help Dr. Dean determine a patient’s hearing ability. She also utilizes a video otoscope to view inside the ear canal and ear drum, offering patients a full-screen view of their ear canal.

Dr. Dean offers hearing services at three locations in Carson City, Gardnerville and Fallon.