Hearing protection

Most of us have been exposed to loud noise for a period at some point in our life, whether it was the time you went target shooting or attended the U2 concert. However, if are consistently exposed to loud sound through your occupation, environment or hobby, plan to protect your hearing.

Edward and Haley smiling for the camera

“Haley had been mixing up song lyrics and asking us to repeat ourselves for a while, but we didn’t get concerned about it until she started getting worried,” Edward explained. “That’s when we suspected she might have a hearing problem.”

Cross-section of ear structure

Some people are born with it, some acquire it in old age, some have an acute incident, some are exposed to a series of incidents. We’re talking about hearing loss and it can affect anyone at any time and the reasons are varied.

Grand-daughter whispering into grandpa's ear

It’s not just about carrying on a conversation — untreated impaired hearing is problematic for physical, emotional, social and psychological reasons.

Man holding hand up to ear

Making hearing aids accessible to more people more easily and for less money may sound like a great idea, but there is some cause for concern.