Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing Aid Accesories

Purchasing your hearing aid(s) is an essential first step for those that need them. However there are hearing aid accessories available to custom fit your specific lifestyle needs and improve your hearing quality. 

Most of the time, you’ll discover that hearing aid accessories support your hearing aids’ functionality. We always recommend consulting a professional hearing healthcare provider first for diagnosis through a consultation and examination before purchasing hearing aid accessories. 

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What are the different types of hearing aid accessories?

Chargers for Your Hearing Aids

If you’ve worn hearing aids for some time, you know how inconvenient it is to have your aids run out of battery life. There are hearing aid chargers available that offer faster charging capabilities, giving you more up time and less down time.

TV Transmitters to Pair with Your Hearing Aids

These types of transmitters work seamlessly with current televisions, so you’re streaming the audio straight from the TV to your hearing device. No more trouble hearing the audio from your favorite TV shows and movies.

Bluetooth-enabled Hearing Aid Accessories

What can’t a smartphone do these days? Smartphones can now pair with Bluetooth capable hearing aid accessories. Anything from watching videos and streaming music to phone calls and even finding your hearing aids is now an option.

Remotely Change the Settings of Your Hearing Device

Not all environments need the same hearing device settings. Which is why this particular hearing aid accessory is great for those who often move between different situations, from phone calls to watching television or having in-person conversations. This remote enables you to easily switch between settings as you move from one hearing situation to another.

Microphones for Enhanced Sound Amplification

This is a popular accessory to pair with your hearing aids. These microphones are usually clip-ons and/or able to stand on their own to amplify the sounds around you. This is great for those consistently in ambient-nose filled areas or when you need to hear crucial conversations in a meeting or group setting.

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