Hearing Aid Consultation and Evaluation


Our primary concern is to assess your hearing ability and evaluate the best ways to manage your hearing problem. When medical or surgical treatment is needed, a referral to the appropriate medical specialist is made.

Most of the hearing loss we encounter is NOT caused by an active medical problem, but rather by a natural loss of sensitivity in the inner ear. Often referred to as nerve damage, this type of hearing loss and the associated loss of sound clarity, can be greatly improved with the use of the right hearing aids.

Following a thorough hearing evaluation, Dr. Dean will ask many questions to further determine your specific areas of hearing difficulty. We relate these answers to the hearing aid style and technology that would most benefit your unique listening needs.

You and Dr. Dean will together determine the best possible hearing aid for you, factoring in your unique listening needs, preferences, budget and lifestyle. You will also be counseled about realistic outcomes of wearing hearing aids during your trial period.