What Are the Symptoms of Hearing Loss?

If you believe you may be experiencing symptoms of hearing loss, it is important to seek medical help in order to improve your quality of life and health. Learn more about the different types of hearing loss and the symptoms that go along with them in order to take steps to improve the way you hear.
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What Are General Hearing Loss Symptoms?

The following scenarios may be a result of any kind of hearing loss:
  • You struggle to understand speech in a noisy setting 
  • You ask people to repeat themselves 
  • You experience ringing in your ears
  • You start to avoid social situations
  • You are turning the television up too loud
  • You cannot identify where the sound is coming from

What Are Sensorineural Hearing Loss Symptoms?

The symptoms of this type of hearing loss will appear gradual, instead of all at once, so it can be more difficult to identify. There is huge variability in individuals with this type of hearing loss and it can range from issues with high-frequency, low-frequency, single-sided, and volume of sounds. These people will struggle with clarity and volume of speech and sound.

High-frequency Hearing Loss Symptoms

This kind of hearing loss results in the inability to hear high-pitched sounds such as women and children’s voices, car signals, birds chirping, and certain consonant sounds. This is common in people experiencing age-related hearing loss.

Low-frequency Hearing Loss Symptoms

Oppositely of high-frequency, this kind of hearing loss results in the inability to hear low-pitched noises such as men’s voices, people on the phone, and bass in music. This rarer type of hearing loss may occur as a result of genetics.

What Are Conductive Hearing Loss Symptoms?

The symptoms of this type of hearing loss usually appear quicker and are noticed easier. Conductive hearing loss often occurs because of a trauma, or blockage of the ear. This causes a sudden inability to understand speech and a change in the way your own voice sounds to you. This sudden hearing loss can occur in one or both ears and should be treated immediately in order to reverse the damage.

What Are Noise-induced Hearing Loss Symptoms?

This kind of hearing loss is often temporary and is a result of extremely loud noises such as concerts, gunshots, and headphones. People exposed to loud noises may experience ringing in the ears and muffled sounds for a few hours or even days after exposure.

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