Why Choose Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center?

Why choose us?

Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center is a state-of-the-art hearing provider servicing South Reno and surrounding areas with specialized care for patients with hearing challenges. Here are some of the reasons our patients choose us. 

Collaborative, Full Circle Care

When you choose us, your audiologist works in collaboration with your physician, creating a meaningful relationship that serves you according to your unique needs. Often times your physician refers you to us, which fosters the type of full circle care we value.

Professional Wax Removal

We provide thorough, professional wax removal without the use of water and hydrogen peroxide or uncomfortable draining procedures. We utilize cutting edge, microscopic tools that are only available for a doctor of audiology, so you can rest comfortably knowing you’re in the right place. 

Smarter together. Stronger together.

Not all hearing loss is treated the same. Medically-based hearing loss requires expert care. Our practice has a meaningful partnership with Sierra Nevada Ear, Nose, & Throat and is literally footsteps away should you require additional services.

Linear Approach to Comprehensive Medicine

Starting from a visit with your physician to a referral to see us, our linear approach to medicine quickly connects you with the necessary solutions. No need to run from one place to the next for appointments, fittings or adjustments. Our practice provides a one-stop approach to healthcare that will restore your hearing quickly and efficiently.

Do you need medical clearance for hearing aids?

One important thing is left out when you go to a big box store that sells hearing aids. It’s recommended that you get medical clearance in case something else is causing hearing loss. For instance, hearing loss in one ear but not the other could mean a tumor or other serious ailment is the cause. You’ll be better off visiting an audiologist for your hearing health so you can be connected with the right type of medical provider and receive the best treatment. 

Why an Audiologist? 

A certified audiologist goes through training and education to obtain an advanced degree, making them an expert at properly diagnosing and treating hearing and balance disorders. Licensed by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Board and holds national certification with America Speech and Hearing Association, they can offer a more complete hearing analysis than hearing aid specialists. 

Unmatched Customer Service

If an excellent staff and caring environment is on your list, the Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center proudly delivers just that. We set ourselves apart by offering unmatched customer service and personalized treatment for our patients. We also provide care for both short and long-term to usher you through every phase of life.

Locally-owned Meets Convenience

Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center was established in 2007 and is locally owned. For your convenience, you can visit us at any of our three Northern Nevada locations: Fallon, Carson City or Gardnerville. 

A Winning Combination

State-of-the-art equipment is coupled with the full support of our experienced team of audiologists for a winning combination. The Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center provides everything you need for your hearing health needs.

If you or someone you know may require the specialized care of an audiologist, call and schedule a consultation at one of our Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Centers today, and let our team help you find the right solution to improve your hearing.

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