Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center

As of Monday, May 4, 2020, we have resumed our full services including in-person appointments, hearing aid fittings and hearing and balance evaluations while continuing our high standards for your health and safety.

Please call 775-882-3277 to schedule an appointment.

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Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center provides those with hearing challenges the expertise of a seasoned doctor of audiology along with state of the art technology – all in a compassionate and welcoming environment. Don’t entrust your hearing to a big box store. Get the care and attention you deserve.

Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center


Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center


Proudly Serving the Nevada Area

With multiple locations in Northern Nevada: Carson City, Gardnerville, and Fallon, we’re committed to getting you the care you’ve come to expect when visiting Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center.

We believe in providing the best hearing care available from our experienced doctors of audiology, caring staff and using advanced hearing aid technologies.

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Our Hearing Aid Services

Each location offers a full-suite of hearing aid and audiology services ranging from evaluations to hearing aid purchases, fittings, and repairs. We also provide training in how to use hearing aids for new patients.

  • Hearing Aid Consultation and Evaluation
  • Hearing Aids Fitting and Follow-up Care
  • Cleaning and Repairs
  • Custom Ear Molds
  • Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries
  • And more!

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To book a consultation or to see if our team can help you find the best way to improve your hearing, please call and schedule an appointment at one of our three locations.



Earwax Removal

When was the last time you had your ears checked? If you answered with “years,” your ears may have accumulated ear wax over time. Not to worry, ear wax is a natural product of human ears that cleans and lubricates them. 

Hearing Aid Replacement

Hearing aids are an incredibly effective yet complicated technology to support and boost your hearing ability. Inside you’ll find advanced microelectronics from wireless radios to computer processors.

noise-induced hearing loss

Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) happens when sounds are too loud, even for a short time, or when they are both loud and long-lasting.