Hearing Loss Treatments

Hearing Loss Treatment

Before we get into the different types of hearing loss treatments, we always recommend consulting a professional hearing healthcare provider first for diagnosis through a consultation and examination.

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What are the different types of hearing loss treatment?

As is typically the case, the type of hearing loss treatment best suited for you will depend on the type of hearing loss conditions and symptoms you’re experiencing. Hearing loss treatments can vary from clinical and routine to requiring hearing aids and surgical procedures.

Here are a few treatments used to help alleviate different types of hearing loss:

  • Removing ear wax: This is when the doctor will remove earwax which is hindering the ability to hear properly.
  • Surgical procedure: When there are abnormalities, surgery may be an option to help (ex. Inserting small tubes to help drain fluids).
  • Hearing Aids: This is an excellent option for those with inner ear hearing loss. Learn more about our hearing aids.
  • Cochlear implants: This a surgical implant to bypass the damaged or non-working parts of the ear

If you’re currently experiencing any signs of hearing loss, please schedule an appointment with us for your hearing loss consultation.

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What can I do to prepare for my first hearing loss appointment?

Here’s a few tips to help you better prepare for your first appointment with us. Though this is not necessary, it doesn’t hurt to have this information ready to share during your consultation.

  • Write down any questions you may have.
  • Bring a family member along with you to ease your nerves and help you feel more comfortable.
  • Summarize your work history. There may be a few clues we can glean from your work environments.
  • Be prepared to share other chronic illnesses and conditions. Bring a list of your current medications, vitamins and/or supplements you regularly take.
  • Jot down your symptoms. Is it one or both ears experiencing hearing loss? How long has it been going on? etc.

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