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Custom Ear Molds

Did you know? Nearly 50 percent of people aged 12 to 35 years – or 1.1 billion young people – are at risk of hearing loss due to prolonged and excessive exposure to loud sounds*. Discover custom ear mold solutions to protect your hearing and fit your active lifestyle.

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Who Needs Custom Ear Molds?

Hearing loss from prolonged exposure to loud sounds and water can affect anyone. Custom ear molds are a great way to protect your hearing from loud sounds at work or at play. Earmolds can be used by both hearing aid wearers or to protect hearing from loud sounds. Musicians, stock car racers, and even some professional football teams use earmolds with an acoustical chamber to block noise while still being able to understand speech. Swimmers also use earmolds designed to keep water out of their ear canal.

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Types of Earmolds

We offer a variety of earmolds to fit your unique lifestyle. Earmolds are typically made from one of three sources: silicone, acrylic, or vinyl. The type of earmold for you will depend on your individual needs, whether it’s for hearing aid earmolds or blocking loud noises.

Silicone Earmolds  : Silicone earmolds are one of the most popular materials for ear molds because they are versatile, comfortable and do not shrink. They are made of hypoallergenic materials but tubing cannot be glued or cemented to the earmold. Silicone earmolds can have a platinum cure or a heat cure, with the heat cure used more often for intricate details.

Acrylic Earmolds : Acrylic earmolds are hypoallergenic. These hard earmolds can be cemented or glued and are typically discreet because of their transparency. These earmolds can be either standard or heat-cured, which is typically ordered for patients with allergies.

Vinyl Earmolds:  Vinyl earmolds are also hard but become pliable when in contact with body heat. These earmolds are discreet and hypoallergenic which makes them a popular choice for those who want an earmold small enough to barely be visible. These earmolds can also be cemented.

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Custom Earmold Styles

The style of your custom ear mold will vary depending on your hearing needs.

Canal Earmolds – Canal earmolds are made from impressions of the ear canal and are designed to look very discreet. They offer a customized fit and can offer good audio for the earmold wearer. These earmolds do not extend outside of the ear canal but do require the wearer to have a long ear canal for them to not be seen.

Full-Shell Earmolds – Full-shell earmolds offer the wearer optimum hearing retention and are less bulky than other styles. These earmolds look natural and are built to prevent feedback for the wearer. Full-shell earmolds are recommended for those with moderate to severe hearing loss.

Half-Shell Earmolds – Half-shell earmolds are similar to full-shell earmolds, but the material used in half-shell earmolds is designed to cover the concha bowl’s bottom half. These molds are best for people suffering from mild hearing loss. 

Skeleton Earmolds – Skeleton earmolds are best for wearers concerned about the appearance of their earmold. These molds have a back ring, or ½ ring, which supplies comfort to the wearer. The rim of material is used to hold the mold within the concha, creating a seal. People suffering from moderate to severe hearing loss are the best fit for skeleton earmolds. 

Semi-Skeleton Earmolds – Semi-skeleton earmolds are like skeleton earmolds, but they do not feature the back ring like the earmolds above. These molds are best for patients with mild to severe hearing loss and are recommended for those with limited dexterity. 

Much like eyeglass frames must be fit to your face, earmolds must be fit to your ear. It’s important for hearing aid earmolds to be tight enough to prevent sound from leaking out and creating feedback. But not so tight they cause pain. That’s why a hearing healthcare professional will make a cast of your ear, known as an ear impression, to make sure they get the right fit.

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